Donna's Ranch










Donna's Ranch is a legal licensed brothel. There are two houses under the name Donna's. I can be found at both, different times though. The main one is in Battle Mountan, Nv and the other is located in Wells, Nv. I am more at the house in Battle Mountain. For those of yu who have been seeing m a while, please note I am no longer affiliated with Bella's. You can walk in when I am there and ask for me specifically or you may ask the bartender for a "lineup". Then the ladies will come and introduce themselves and take you on a tour of the house. Then you can discuss your needs and create your specific party.  Donna's is a g reat place and a lot of fun. There is a bar, an atm and showers on the premises. Truckers are more than welcome to stop in and say hello.Donna's is open 24/7 365 days a yr.


                                                                                         395 North 2nd Street
                                                                                 Battle Mountain, NV 89820-4114
                                                                                           (775) 635-2764


                                                Email me for more info: