Pricing is  available by time or activity. Please keep in mind I am not legally allowed to finalize prices anywhere but in my room at Donna's Ranch. This is simply a guide line to give you an idea of what it takes to spend some time with me. Donna's Ranch has a house minimum of $100.00 for 15 minutes. Remember, the more you spend the more you get, It's not all about the money, but this is buisness as well as pleasure. The house take 50% of my earning to cover room n board. I am flexible and will work ith everyones budget to ensure you get exactly what you want with what you can afford. Again, these prices are not set in stone and can change depending on your specific needs. For exact pricing, please email me when you want to see me and what you need. Thank you.

                                                     Email me:

                                                                                   15 Mins 4 $100

                                                                                   30 Mins 4 $225

                                                                                   60 Mins 4 $350

                                                                                   90 Mins 4 $425

                                                                                   2 Hours 4 $550

                                                         Add $50.00 to each additional hour after 2 hrs.

                                                           Overnight consits over 6-8 hrs = $2100.00

                                                                     Remember, these prices are not

                                                                                   set in stone.